Sunday, November 18, 2012

If only Benjamin could really understand how much his parents love him..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN!  At your age, you have so many moments and birthdays to is your "1st"! Go KC Royals!

Is this just not one of the cutest Shower cake's?  I had first thought to myself, will this work together in setting the theme for a "Baby Shower"?  It is absolutely adorable and it did.  I am sure the family and friends gathering around in celebration of the new addition were thrilled, especially when they got to indulge in a layer of almond white and dark chocolate cake.

Congratulations to everyone who enjoyed cake "Baby".

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Joyce and Len's beautiful petal cake design!  Fondant Roses, Anenome's and Calla Lilly's adorn the cake.  She chose an all Strawberry Champagne Flavor.

A very sweet celebration for an expecting and proud mother and her family!  Grandma really went out of her way to make sure this baby and her mother are loved!  Welcome Baby!

I absolutely love this design and I did this cake for a lovely young woman a couple of years ago.  Her wedding celebration took place at Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas.

The black and white design style reflects classic elegance but done in a modern set up with the different size layers.  She chose "single" and "double" layers to break up the pattern.

Congratulations on being married for two years now!

Thank you for your inspiration!